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"This is superb study music, driving music, background or forefront music. In its beautiful simplicity Conscience achieves this versatility."

- Mark McNulty, The Music Ninja

"I recommend bumping Weaver Beats whenever you’re feeling like the one who knocks."

- Jason Adams, The Burning Ear

Weaver Beats is a musician/producer based out of Honolulu Hawaii.  He works with a multitude of genres ranging from hip hop, to experimental electronic, ambient and house.  

Weavers first official album was "Collective pt 1" releasing in 2015.  A mainly instrumental album with a few hip hop vocals sprinkled through out its entirety.  This is a collection of his best works dating back to 2009.  


He quickly produced a follow up album called "Collective pt 2" in 2016. Another mainly instrumental album that was extremely abstract in nature.  There are almost no vocals, definitely a lot of experimentation and instrumentation.

His 3rd album "Conscience" is said by many to be his greatest.  The approach was different for this one.  Deciding to ditch the instrumental abstract formula he usually goes for, he picked up an abstract wavy vocal style instead.

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