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Not many would dare gone to the places I have gone. Many people would hear the words soulja boy or riddim and turn running immediately. I challenged my subscribers to get a video a month or two back to 100 likes, and of course they made it happen. If it got 100 likes then I had to do a soulja boy dubstep remix. I'm not one to back down from a challenge I myself declared. So i got to it immediately over the past few days. I made a video documenting my journey. I also released the full version to my second soundcloud. Check out the links below!

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I locked steven away several months ago with only one goal in mind.. And that was to come up with the best possible bass pack with reese basses, neuro basses, saw and square basses and more. He finally came through. Check out the demo in the video below.

You can get the kit below for $10 if you feel like putting food on the table for Rob and Steven. You can also get a limited time discount if you use the code YOUTUBE at the checkout.

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